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Savastra - Sicilian specialties since 1945

In 1945 we face post-war reconstruction, with a high percentage of unemployment; people invent everything to be able to continue living and family-run micro-enterprises, including ours, are born on the whole national territory.

In our territory, almonds, olives and grapes are a good harvest for the local people, given the abundance of these excellent raw materials.

Nonna Milena, born in 1921, when she was very young she started working in the countryside collecting almonds; one day she decided to use this precious fruit to prepare almond cakes, turning it into a real job that allowed her to raise her children.

Among these, his son Giuseppe, growing up, carried on the work undertaken by his mother and was thus born:

Savastra - Sicilian specialties since 1945.

Even today, after four generations, we carry on an ancient tradition improving the typical products of our land day by day.

From the almond groves kissed by the Sicilian sun and from tradition, typical products are born.

The selection of the best almond has led our company to produce exclusively with almonds "Cultivar Pizzuta di Avola", N ° 1 in the world, with unique and incomparable organoleptic properties; from this quality feature derives the quality of our typical products.

The production only involves the use of natural aromas (cinnamon, orange and lemon peel), without using any artificial colorings or preservatives.

The typicality, the quality, the many years of experience are the guarantee for a very demanding consumer who knows how to appreciate the peculiarities of an artisan product, the result of a dedicated territory.

Typical Sicilian Products

Processed exclusively with Almond Pizzuta di Avola

"Crunchy" Almond Nougat
"Giuggiulena" Sesame nougat
"Marzipan" Almond Paste
"Paste" Almond Cookies

Nonna Milena

Savastra - Sicilian specialties since 1945 - started way back in 1945, when grandma Melina spent many hours of the day in the kitchen, a passion handed down from generation to generation.

from our origins ... our future

Savastra s.r.l.s.

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